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True Compass by Edward M. Kennedy

compassReviewed by Nancy Eaton

Senator Kennedy completed True Compass during the last few months of his life while battling brain cancer. He begins his autobiography about the day he received the diagnosis and why he was not able to accept the doctor’s prognosis. First, the Kennedy’s were taught to never give up. Ted Kennedy made it clear that he did not like the way the message was delivered. Senator Kennedy was told he had a few months to live at the most. He and his wife agreed to take it a day at a time and the first step was to go sailing. The title of this memoir, True Compass, is from the Senator’s love of the sea.

Doubleback: A Novel of Suspense by Libby Fischer Hellmann (Review #3)

doublebackReviewed by Teri Davis

“Panic has a way of defining an individual. It scrapes the soul bare, scrapes away pretense, reveals the core of the human spirit. It’s hard to dissemble when fear crawls up your throat, you hear stampedes like a herd of wild animals, and your skin burns with the prickly-heat of terror. For the six people thrown together in a Loop office building on a hot June day, the moments they shared would reveal parts of themselves they had not know existed.”

Rage by Albert Samuel Tukker

rageReviewed by Teri Davis

Once in a while you find a book that is unusual, not predictable, almost haunting, and demonstrates creative thinking. RAGE is such a book. With naked ghosts and pirate treasure, RAGE romps through many times and places.

Jules Planchette finds himself in an awkward situation when he is simply trying to avoid being drenched by a downpour. As he shelters himself under the overhang of a building, he notices a vagrant. Unfortunately, this vagrant also has a mission and that is to rid himself of the “rage”. This being, “rage”, is inside of Jules’ body everything appears normal except for if he happens to witness a situation where someone is at a disadvantage or is bullied.

Anne Frank, The Book, The Life, The Afterlife by Francine Prose

anneReviewed by Woodstock

During the research for her recent novel GOLDENGROVE, Prose read ANNE FRANK, THE DIARY OF A YOUNG GIRL for the first time in many many years. As a writer herself, Prose was deeply impressed by the literary quality of the diary, especially when she was able to refer to more critical editions of the famous journal which have been published in the last 15 years. She followed up her re-read of the diary with well researched investigations into the history of its publication; the process of bringing an adaptation to the Broadway stage; and the eventual (and probably inevitable) Hollywoodization of the story which appeared in the film.

Bloodborn by Kathryn Fox (Review #2)

bloodbornReviewed by Elizabeth Sheehan

This mystery novel takes place in modern Australia. The main character is Dr. Anya Crichton who is a worldwide respected forensic physician and pathologist.