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True Blue by David Baldacci

blueReviewed by Nancy Eaton

Mace and Beth are sisters. Both worked as cops; however, things did not go the same way for them.

Beth is now the Chief of Police in Washington, D.C. Mace just got out of jail after doing two years for a crime she did not commit. She now wants to clear her name and go back to work on the police force. Mace has to be a little careful about how she plans to do this since her sister is the Chief of Police.

An attorney at a Washington D.C. corporate firm is murdered. Another attorney discovered the victim’s body. As the investigation begins, Mace helps attorney, Roy Kingman try and track down who committed this terrible act. They learn several shocking things about what is going on in Washington, D.C.

Prodigal Sons by Sheldon Greene

sonsReviewed by Cy Hilterman

Horst Vogle seemed like an innocent quiet man in a bar as another person approached him now and then. Just an innocent conversation—or was it? Doesn’t seem innocent when they just sat and quietly talked or adjourned from the bar to a table and quietly had a personal discussion. This took place in Munich, West Germany in 1950. After leaving the bar, Horst walked through the dark streets seemingly innocent but avoiding any police in that area. He came up beside a man who seemed very drunk and asked him a light for his cigarette. Then with no warning Horst slipped a wire around the man and strangled him. Horst then moved swiftly to the train tracks to catch the last train of the night.

The same year he was out roaming and came upon a young woman that seemed upset because she had dropped her ring in the stream. After a few friendly words Horst retrieved her ring. Her name was Greta, a woman who was to become a huge part of Horst’s life through the rest of the story. Horst had instructions from the Jewish death squad that was in constant search of Nazi’s who had stolen the artwork and gold from the Jewish prisoners during the war. These instructions were to cleverly find these villains, retain any found items from them, then-in most situations-kill them. Horst was good at what he did because he was actually a museum curator in search of lost artifacts for the museum.

I, Alex Cross by James Patterson (Review #2)

cross1Reviewed by Patricia Reid

A birthday celebration is underway with all of the people that Alex Cross treasures. Alex’s Nana, his children, Damon, Jannie and Ali as well as his friend Sampson and his family. Detective Brianna Stone, Alex’s girl friend, was also present. It is a festive party where the participants feel that nothing could wrong. One phone call ended the festivities. Alex is told that a member of his family is dead.

Caroline Cross is Alex’s niece but has been out of touch with the family for quite sometime. Alex soon discovers that Caroline was working as a prostitute. His investigation reveals other girls in the same occupation have recently come up missing.

Alex is determined to find the killer and bring that person to justice. The investigation will not prove easy because there are people in high places that do not want the killer found. The trail leads Alex to a luxury club where money can buy you anything.

Born to Run by James Grippando

runReviewed by Patricia Reid

Jack Swyteck has been at odds with his father for years but when U.S. Vice-President, Phil Grayson, dies during a hunting trip in the Everglades the two are suddenly working together. President Keyes asks that Harry, a former Florida governor, come to Washington. The President is requesting that Harry fill the vacancy created by the death of Vice-President Grayson. Harry asks Jack to be his legal advisor.

Jack arrives in Washington and soon begins to feel that Grayson’s death may not have been an accident. Jack receives an email that says the sender has information about the President that can ensure his father the office of President of the United States. Jack begins investigating but soon finds that the Washington crowd does not welcome his investigation and that includes his father.

Triangle and Deception by Haggai Carmon

triangleReviewed by Julie Moderson

Carmon writes what he knows as an international attorney, helping the US Federal agencies with intelligence gathering in complex, money laundering and mega-fraud.  He has performed investigative work in more that 30 countries.  Carmon was born in Israel and graduated cum laude from Tel Aviv University Faculty of Law and has a Masters from St John’s University in New York.

Working undercover for the CIA for Operation Pinocchio, Dan Gordon is a master of deception.  He is trying to infiltrate a Lebanese group to find the source of funding to Hezbolla.  He has no idea when he first infiltrates the operation that it’s so much larger than he has been lead to believe.  Dan struggles to find out where the leak in the operation is as he finds himself in deeper and deeper into the wrong place. 

Night of Demons by Tony Richards

demonsReviewed by Gina Metz

Cornelius Hanlon is a vicious, twisted serial killer operating in Boston, MA. When the police nearly capture Hanlon he flees and happens to end up in Raine’s Landing, MA. Cornelius immediately begins killing again upon entering Raine’s Landing. With his first victim he inadvertently gains possession of a powerful gift that will make him much more dangerous than just a deranged serial killer.

Raine’s Landing is a city cloaked in magic. Centuries ago the Salem witches founded the town and cloaked it in magic. The town was cursed by a witch named Regan Farrow in the late sixteenth century. When she overstepped boundaries and angered the other people of the town, they burned her at the stake. As the flames burned around her, she cursed the town. Since then no residents could ever leave and outsiders could not enter. If someone happened on the town, they rarely stayed long and would immediately forget the town upon leaving.

Tainted by Brooke Morgan

taintedReviewed by Caryn St. Clair

For Holly Barrett, efforts to make friends or develop relationships has always been painfully difficult. She’d had just one real friend throughout her school years, and only one “relationship” with a guy. That one pathetic relationship had ended when she discovered she was pregnant. So when the stunning Jack Dane sat down next to her on the bus returning to Shoreham she didn’t harbor and grand expectations. Here she was, shy, bumbling Holly and here was this dreamy guy-”faintworthy” as her friend Anna would say, talking to her! But fate had other plans for Holly Barrett and before long, not only does she have a relationship with Jack, they marry. And that’s when thing start going wrong. Really wrong.

Possibly it was because Holly had so little experience with men or because she couldn’t see beyond the handsome face, but for whatever reason, Holly wasn’t all that concerned when she couldn’t get Jack to talk about his past or anything about his family. Even Holly’s grandpa, Henry seemed taken in by Jack Dane. Only Billy Madison, the father of Holly’s daughter who suddenly reappears in her life, seems to be at all suspicious of the fabulous Jack. Will Billy be able to get anyone to pay attention to his concerns before it’s too late for Holly and her daughter?

Jack’s Dreams Come to Life by Sara Jackson

jackReviewed by Cy Hilterman

Jack was a pleasant dog who loved to keep busy even if that meant getting into trouble. As he played outside, the things he picked up turned out to be something other than what he thought they were and he jumped away from those, went to a nearby tree, curled up, and went to sleep.

In Jack’s dreams he saw many things he wanted to play with but everyone turned into someone that only gave him more trouble. His dreams were terrible! A cow came by, mooooed, and awoke Jack. He was glad to get away from that dream as he went into the house and back to reality.

Toxic Friends: The Antidote for Women Stuck in Complicated Friendships by Susan Shapiro Barash

toxicReviewed by C.J. Lajos

In this noteworthy study drawing upon popular culture and extensive personal interviews with 200 women of various backgrounds and ages as well as with experts in the fields of psychology and counseling, Barash (Professor, Critical Thinking/Gender Studies, Marymount Manhattan College, 1992- ; M.A., Writing, New York University; B.A., Writing, Sarah Lawrence College; bestselling author of Tripping the Prom Queen; author of eleven books including this one;, a nationally-recognized gender expert, explores the ten types of female friends—the Leader, the Doormat, the Sacrificer, the Misery Lover, the User, the Frenemy, the Trophy Friend, the Mirroring Friend, the Sharer, and the Authentic Friend. She helps women recognize and understand them as well as develop means for assessing them and moving forward with problematic female relationships.

Barash accomplishes the aforementioned tasks, by dividing her book into three parts based upon a continuum of types of female friends: female friends that are tolerable, intolerable, and worth keeping.

No Limits: How I Escaped the Clutches of Corporate America to Live the Self-employed Life of My Dreams by Sara Morgan

limitsReviewed by Mary Ebert

No Limits by Sara Morgan is a wonderful book and a must have for everyone with a passion in life. Ms Morgan took bad economic times and made them work for her. She is now self employed in an economy that makes finding standard employment hard to find.

Ms Morgan took a chance on herself and turned her home into her work place. In this book she shows you the benefits and the drawbacks of doing as she did. It’s important to take what you know and run with it. Work may be slim at first but it will pick up. Ms Morgan talks about her own life and she interviews others who are self made successes and shares their stories and strategies for success. This isn’t only a book about how to start your own business and tips on how to do it although it does that just beautifully it is also a book that shows why so many of us are getting into this type of work.