North from Calcutta by Duane Evans

calcuttaReviewed by Cy Hilterman

A well-written story that could be out of today’s headlines with the struggles that exist in Pakistan in their attempt to determine their own destiny and governing body. This particular story has at its central core the battle between Pakistan and India over Kashmir, with each claiming Kashmir is theirs. But this story goes far beyond that battle and encompasses the various private and governmental groups that want control over the entire area and will do almost anything to get it regardless of human cost in death or injuries and the lack of care over those casualties.

Pakistani ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) investigator, Tarek Durrani, was quite shaken up while leading his first assignment but came through with minor scars. Tarek was summoned into his agency and told to report to another newer group for assignment. The IRE (International Relations Executive) was a rival of the ISI and Tarek was reluctant to take this new assignment but he was there for Pakistan where needed to help his nation. Tarek knew not what to expect as he met many new private and personal people, some governmental, some not, and some he could and some could not trust. He had to be on guard at all times but he was used to that.

A new dam had been built that had been a big point of friction between Bangladesh and India. The dam was huge and controlled water flow in a huge area making the area a very serious threat of terrorists. A dedication was scheduled and the terrorists planned to take it out the dam not caring how many or whom they killed in the process. Tarek and many other investigators worked together as well as apart not trusting each other. In the process of his investigation, Tarek met a lovely woman that was a luxury he had not been able to afford for many years due to his deeply involved work. As time went on he and Sahar found it hard to be apart but Tarek knew the extreme danger that his job entailed so he tried to discourage the relationship but eventually neither could get their mind off the other. It’s called LOVE!

The story told by Duane Evans is fantastic. He knows from his life’s work much about the espionage work and how it can take so much out of a person’s life. There are no “down times” in North From Calcutta and the reader will learn much about the danger that a spy or anyone connected with a government working with any foreign nation endures. A great read.

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