Anya's Lyric

Anya’s Lyric by Nikhil Kumar

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The Wanderer's Last Journey

The Wanderer’s Last Journey (The Orfeo Saga Book 4) by Murray Lee Eiland Jr.

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Hmmm? – A Tale of Mysterious Murr-Derr and a Girl by Simon Plaster

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Culmination by Holly Smith

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Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf (The Oldenglen Chronicles) (Volume 2) by Robin Mason

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The People's House

The People’s House by David Pepper

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My Best Friend and Loyal Companion

My Best Friend and Loyal Companion
by Nancy Eaton

About six months ago, I had to have my Shih Tzu euthanized. She was very ill and did not want to eat. No one wants their beloved pet to suffer. I was devastated. Today, I am still not over the hurt I feel over her loss. When I tried to More »

Westward: The Journey Of Adolf Nagel by Harry Simpson

Reviewed by Lisa Brown-Gilbert

Westward:  The Journey of Adolf NagelComparable to the famous Louis L’ Amour western novels, Harry Simpson’s Westward: The Journey Of Adolf Nagel brings readers along on a wild and exciting jaunt through the old west.

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The novel starts out with a bang, literally, as seventeen year old Adolf Nagel is forced to go on the run to the untamed west, after thwarting the attempted rape of his beloved fiancé the beautiful Caroline. Accompanied by his long-time best friend, Oskar McGill, Adolf makes his way from Hocking County, Ohio into the vastness of the western frontier. Although great friends, Adolf and Oskar are polar opposites which makes for entertaining moments throughout the story.

Anya’s Lyric by Nikhil Kumar

Reviewed by Suzanne Odom

Anya's LyricAnya’s Lyric is a compelling story of a developmentally disabled young girl’s life in India. As you read the book, you find yourself drawn into Anya’s world with its troubles, joys and triumphs. You will also meet other characters whose lives mix with each other’s in the book including Anya’s.

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From the very beginning, the reader is hooked with the opening sentence, “I was born because of one man’s inability to read”. This intriguing line makes one desire to keep on reading. Why was this girl born because of a man’s inability to read? What events will happen in Anya’s life? Once you begin to read, you meet all the characters whose lives cross with Anya’s. From the woman with the mole on her left cheek to the boy with the twisted leg, a slew of mesmerizing characters appear in Anya’s life. All of these characters will have an impact on Anya in both positive and negative ways leading her from a troublesome childhood to the triumphant young woman she becomes.

The Wanderer’s Last Journey (The Orfeo Saga Book 4) by Murray Lee Eiland Jr.

Reviewed by Veronica Alvarado

The Wanderer's Last JourneyIn The Wanderer’s Last Journey, the fourth volume of the young adult Orfeo Saga, Murray Lee Eiland, Jr., delivers an exciting, fast-paced historical fantasy that will no doubt please devoted fans of the series.

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The Wanderer’s Last Journey opens with a burst of action. Traders from a foreign land have arrived Linnaeus’s kingdom, where Orfeo and Clarice are currently residing. Soon a scuffle ensues, during which Orfeo is taken captive. In order to get Orfeo back, Clarice has no choice but to send for Daryush, the Kassite. She and Semria, Daryush’s wife, join Daryush on the quest when he arrives at court. Soon, Zurga joins the search as well. He first looks for clues first at home and then travels to Egypt. There, he learns that foreigners from across the sea have kidnapped Orfeo; he soon enlists a crew to go and rescue Orfeo.

Hmmm? – A Tale of Mysterious Murr-Derr and a Girl by Simon Plaster

Reviewed by Chris Phillips

0991448065In the new uproariously slapstick comedy mystery, Plaster has his characters up to more shenanigans in small town Oklahoma. There is intrigue, mystery, subterfuge and more.

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Take small town Henryetta, OK, add an expanding cast of characters doing unusual, however, very common things in ways that complicate and add more slapstick to this tale. Confusion and miscommunication as well as assumption and pretty outrageous logic combine to keep the reader laughing from almost the first page. This tale starts getting interesting from the first pages. Henrietta hears from her mother, Wynona Sue, that she is smitten and her suitor is equally smitten with her. However, Mom, Wynona Sue, has to string it out with “Guess Who.” In thought reply, Henrietta describes her quintessential mother and her search for that “MAN.” That was a hard one that could take a whole day and then some Henrietta reckoned. Wynona Sue was inclined to fall in love with any and every man who gave her a tumble.” With this the adventure begins.

Culmination by Holly Smith

Reviewed by Timea Barabas

CulminationThe apocalypse is a rather popular subject when it comes to books and movies. The important thing is to offer a perspective with a tint of freshness to it. Culmination uses this theme as a backdrop to highlight human condition and how people could react in the most difficult of situations.

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While a young couple is enjoying the first moments together as newlyweds, their honeymoon drastically changes due to a total electrical blackout, which they will soon learn was a global phenomenon. But at least they are not alone, as they find more people with whom they soon become close friends. As it turns out, two of their new acquaintances are survivalists who have long prepared for the dawn of civilization. So, the group moves into a high-end cave, equipped with anything they need to survive in luxury. However, even if things should have ran smoothly, since everything was anticipated, it seems that one element was gravely overlooked, human nature, and the cost of this oversight is to be discovered in the pages of the book. Actually, Holly Smith offers a good example of a self fulfilling prophecy, if you believe that something will happen strong enough, you will mold your perception of reality in such a way as to see it realized.

Lone Wolf (The Oldenglen Chronicles) (Volume 2) by Robin Mason

Reviewed by Teri Davis

Lone Wolf“Hunted. That was the sensation: the feeling of being hunted. Hunted down. Terror gripped his wolven side. But even the part of him that was human felt the loss of freedom. He felt suffocated.”

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For Jackson, being a new student entering the seventh-grade at Bear Creek Valley Middle School in Ashland, Oregon is challenging. Even though English is the common language between the U.S. and England, he feels like an alien in this different land in the foothills of the mountains.

His summer was an adjustment learning to live with the wildlife in their remote home away from the small town. The magic of nature and this particular place developed into a friendship with the granddaughter of his nearest neighbor and landlord.

Making friends is always a little awkward for Jax. He is comfortable with animals, but teenagers can be a challenge for anyone.

The People’s House by David Pepper

Reviewed by Veronica Alvarado

The People's HouseIn The People’s House, a modern-day mystery that showcases the all-too-real corruption of the current American political system, David Pepper spins an engrossing tale filled with betrayal, intrigue, and a heavy-handed dose of governmental conspiracy.

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End Matter by Ezekiel Cartwright

Reviewed by Teri Davis

endmatter“These stories must never make it to paperback. I don’t want them edited, and they must never change from their existing format. They’re written this way for a reason, and…”

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The stereotypical author is introverted, creative, and extremely analytical. These attributes lead greatly assist them in examining and writing about the world around them, whether real or only in their imagination.

Nathan Cartwright fits this description. Living alone in Maine, he is very reclusive to the point of being almost a hermit. His only contact with the real world is through his son, Danny and his granddaughter.

Nathan has an advantage though over most authors. The major publishing houses want his writings, but he refuses to work with each of them, choosing to have his work strictly available through self-publishing only. He tried to write romance and even drama novels with little success, but his magic touch was the thriller. Why?

Nathan is facing the reality of his life ending. His physician has informed him that his days are numbered. Now is the time for him to do one final good deed.

His son needed money for his wife’s cancer treatment. Between the medical costs and raising a daughter, Nathan feels obligated to help with the family needs with money.
He is returning to being a successful writer of thriller novels. His books almost have a magical authenticity to them with so much explicit gore that he given the nickname, “Grisly Grandpa.”

Nathan now wants to publish a book that will secure Danny’s financial needs and those of his granddaughter.

With finally completing the latest novel on his tablet, Nathan meets with his illustrator at a nearby coffee shop that will change all of his plans.

It all begins with a server who eventually recognizes him. Who could predict how this would send his life into a downward spiral?

The author, Ezekiel Cartwright propels his interests into his writing while being influenced by his childhood in New England and writers such as Stephen King, HP Lovecraft, and Dean Koontz.

This novella is tightly wound into an introspective tale around the theme of striving for greatness while being aware of the impending cost of responsibility in that achievement. With realistically flawed characters striving for hope and a better life, the reader views the world through Nathan with his daily frustrations and challenges.

End Matter is a different novella with a unique authenticity that is a frightening page-turner.

Cross Justice (Alex Cross) by James Patterson

Reviewed by Allen Hott

Cross JusticeWow! Perhaps his best! James Patterson has always been writing great stories that it doesn’t seem possible that he just wrote his greatest but I think maybe he did. This is a tremendous book with an incredible ending. One that I doubt anyone figured out before reading the final chapters.

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Alex Cross, former FBI agent, now working along with his wife, Bree, is on a short sort of vacation trip back to Starksville, North Carolina where he was born. First trip back in many years and it is to see if he can be of help in solving a horrendous murder that his nephew is in jail for.

Outfoxed: An Andy Carpenter Mystery (An Andy Carpenter Novel) by David Rosenfelt

Reviewed by Caryn St. Clair

OutfoxedOutfoxed, the fourteenth book in the Andy Carpenter series, has a little less dog and a lot more legal action than some of the previous books. That said, a Fox Terrier does get the entire story going, and of course Carpenter’s own dogs, Tara and Sebastian, still have “face time” in the book.

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Boomer, a Fox Terrier who is in the rescue shelter Andy runs, is one of the dogs used in the prisoner/dog training program. Boomer is paired with Brian Atkins, a client Andy inherited from a fellow lawyer and the pairing has been successful. That is until Brian uses Boomer to escape prison. The escape makes no sense to Andy given that Brian is up for parole and the odds of him getting it are fairly high. What is worse, Brian is now wanted for the murder of his wife as well as his former partner.

Blue Moon by Wendy Corsi Staub (Review #2)

Reviewed by Suzanne Odom

Blue MoonWendy Corsi Staub is back with the second in her newest series located in Mundy’s Landing. In the second entry to the Mundy’s Landing series, the small town is getting ready for an annual celebration designed to bring in tourists. Called the Mundypalooza, it’s an odd sort of event, capitalizing on an unforgettable point of history in Mundy’s Landing. That event was a series of unsolved murders that occurred one hundred years ago and were never solved. Three young women were murdered and their bodies placed in three different homes in Mundy’s Landing to be discovered by the homes’ owners.

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Grilling the Subject (A Cookbook Nook Mystery) by Daryl Wood Gerber

Reviewed by Caryn St. Clair

Grilling the SubjectCookbook Nook owner Jenna Hart is back with another murder to solve in Grilling the Subject, the fifth book in the series. This time however the stakes are a little bit higher for Jenna because it is her own father who stands accused of the crime.

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Extreme Prey by John Sandford

Reviewed by Allen Hott

Extreme PreyNot exactly sure how the title fits but regardless this is one truly great read. Not a mystery or thriller but a great cop novel showing how a good cop works. Lucas Davenport (a favorite of Sandford and mine) is a former cop for the Minnesota Board of Criminal Apprehension. He is always somewhat of a renegade cop but truly appreciated by the governor of Minnesota. This time the governor calls Lucas for help as he is concerned about an upcoming event.

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The governor is working to get on a presidential ticket as a vice president candidate. The potential president would be the current lady governor of Iowa. But as their travel to the hoped for nomination election is moving along Lucas’s governor feels that there is a plot to do harm to his running mate. He asks Lucas to go into Iowa and begin investigating this potential.