The Next Boston Band

The Next Boston Band by Michael Fertik

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Random Targets

Random Targets by James Raven

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The Schwarzschild Radius

The Schwarzschild Radius by Gustavo Florentin

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The Antigone Poems

The Antigone Poems by Marie Slaight and Terrence Tasker (Artist)

Described by The Washington Independent Review of Books as ‘terrifyingly brilliant,’ The Antigone Poems is a powerful retelling of the ancient Greek tale of defiance and justice. An intensely personal invocation of the Sophocles tragedy, it questions power, punishment and one of mythology’s oldest themes: rebellion. Click Here to Purchase More »

Strong Darkness

Strong Darkness by Jon Land

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Fascinating Reads


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My Best Friend and Loyal Companion

My Best Friend and Loyal Companion
by Nancy Eaton

About six months ago, I had to have my Shih Tzu euthanized. She was very ill and did not want to eat. No one wants their beloved pet to suffer. I was devastated. Today, I am still not over the hurt I feel over her loss. When I tried to More »

Random Targets by James Raven

Random Targets

Reviewed by Timea Barabas

In his Random Targets, James Raven addresses the archaic human need to understand. He sadistically taps into our fear of the unknown, so if you like to be tortured by suspense, this crime novel is just for you.

It all starts with a bang. James Raven picks up the readers with his first lines and drops them in the middle of a traffic jam. We enter this world through smoke and fire and we are greeted by chaos and a mass of confused and wounded people. It is mostly up to a team of detectives lead by Detective Chief Inspector Jeff Temple, to solve what evolves into a chain of sniper attacks on motorways near London. Their pool of suspects is wide enough to include both therrosists and rogue soldiers. At first, the only clues they have are those intentionally left behind by the killer. He or she taunts the police with a series of messages left near the crime scenes.

“There’s something deliciously impersonal about murdering total strangers at random” writes James Raven and his killer seems to be addicted to this taste. Usually, there is a reason behind the choice of victims, they are either known to the criminal, and he attacks them to solve some personal conflict, or they are not known, but they either remind him of someone who the killer is in conflict with, or they simply serve as pawns to accomplish his plan. But in this case, the sniper had a godlike power in determining who dies and who lives. He apparently chose people from the motorways at random, crossing the lines of gender and age. This unpredictability is what made these series of events so terrifying.

Polly and the One and Only World by Don Bredes

Polly and the One and Only World

Reviewed by Diane Pollock

I’ve got a strong urge to fly
But I’ve got nowhere to fly to
Pink Floyd

Polly is a young witch struggling to survive in a dystopian world. She can fly, can communicate telepathically with her raven familiar, she can even shrink herself! But she lives in a time of ascendant fundamentalist Christians who control superior technology and are determined to wipe out her kind. Her ability to fly just takes her from one desperate situation to the next. But along the way she comes to a deeper understanding of her faith, falls in love and escapes her prosecutors time after time. Her life may be hard, but she is free and unbowed.

When Shadows Fall by J.T. Ellison

When Shadows Fall

Reviewed by Allen Hott

A very well packed story with numerous characters and many subplots. Although it does become somewhat confusing with all the goings-on it is still an interesting read which holds your attention to the end. Do not expect much in the way of mystery though as it is not a mystery. Perhaps it could be classed as a suspense novel as it does contain never ending questions and maneuvers.

Dr. Samantha Owens is beginning to teach at a university after leaving her position as forensic pathologist at the Nashville Police Department. Several of her associates however are trying to induce her to join the FBI because of her many talents.
She is still suffering mental anguish however from a miscarriage and then a terrible flood that killed her husband and two children several years ago. She has just kind of settled into her life and is engaged to a former ranger type serviceman named Xander. (Do not let the strange names fool you as Ellison also names a gentleman in the book “June” and the main villainess “Curtis”.)

Speak of Ashes by Christine McGovern

Speak of Ashes

Reviewed by Gina R. Metz

Gwen Hawthorne barely survived an attack by an Infernal who killed her friends. Infernals are immortal, supernaturally strong and feed on the energy of living souls. Gwen lives in Ash that is surrounded by a border that most believe keeps them safe from the Infernals. When Gwen was attacked most believed her story of a demon attack as a lie but the Church knows the truth that the border isn’t keeping the Infernals out. Infernals look just like any other human and only attract the Church’s attention when they get sloppy and start leaving bodies behind or people start going missing around them.

This Dark Road to Mercy: A Novel by Wiley Cash (Review #2)

This Dark Road to Mercy

Reviewed by Dianne Woodman

Wiley Cash has written a captivating and suspenseful story that not only demonstrates the need for forgiveness and reestablishment of trust in order to rebuild family relationships, but also the harmful effects a quest for vengeance can have on a person. The story is told from shifting points of view and flows along effortlessly with no abrupt transitions between viewpoints.

Baseball is an integral element in the plot. Key characters in the story are former baseball players, and the story takes place in 1998 when Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire are in a race to beat the home run record set by Roger Maris in 1961. This competition is interwoven into the storyline.

This Dark Road to Mercy revolves around Easter Quillby, a twelve-year-old girl, who is struggling to forgive her irresponsible father for abandoning the family. Easter and her six-year-old sister, Ruby, have been living in an orphanage in Gastonia, North Carolina, ever since their mother died from a drug overdose.

Clam Wake: A Bed-and-Breakfast Mystery (Bed-and-Breakfast Mysteries) by Mary Daheim

Clam Wake

Reviewed by Julie Moderson

When Judith McMonigle Flynn and her cousin Renée are offered a chance to spend some time at her aunt and uncle’s retirement home on Whoopee Island they both jump at the chance. Judith’s bed and breakfast is at a very slow time so she has no problem leaving, besides their husbands are leaving for a once in a lifetime fishing trip. Auntie Vance has stocked the refrigerator with all of their favorite dishes so they won’t even have to cook meals.

The Late Scholar: Peter Wimsey and Harriet Vane Investigate (Lord Peter Wimsey/Harriet Vane Mysteries) by Jill Patton Walsh

The Late Scholar

Reviewed by Caryn St. Clair

The College of St.Severin’s, Oxford is in a serious financial bind. Unless massive reductions are made, the only hope the college has to save itself is to sell a valuable manuscript which may well have been owned by Kind Alfred. But the college masters are split over the sale. The manuscript was bequeathed to the college and many feel that it must not be sold no matter what. On the other hand, the opportunity seems to exist for the college to sell the manuscript then buy a parcel of land that is ripe for development thereby turning a neat profit for the college. The problem is, each vote on the matter has ended as a deadlock. Though set in the 1950s, the plot line of an academic institution being strapped for money is, unfortunately, quite relevant today thus supplying the perfect backdrop for academic mystery. Although Peter was called to St. Severin’s to help resolve the conflict over the sale, he soon gets drawn into the investigation of a series of murders-each quite possibly motivated by the need to tip the scales before the next vote.

Hounded (An Andy Carpenter Novel) by David Rosenfelt


Reviewed by Caryn St. Clair

Andy Carpenter rarely takes on cases anymore. He has plenty of money to live on and he’s content with running the Tara Foundation. But every so often, a situation comes up where Andy just cannot say no. Such is the case when his buddy, Paterson police officer Pete Stanton calls late one night asking Andy and Laurie to come to a crime scene. Danny Diaz, a former prisoner that Pete has helped in the past had called Pete in trouble asking Pete to come to his house, but when Pete arrives, Danny is dead and his son and dog are hiding. Pete wants Andy to investigate who killed Danny and asks that Andy and Laurie take the boy and dog to keep them out of the system. They agree to help, but things take an ugly turn when Pete becomes the main suspect in the murder.

The Bone Orchard: A Novel (Mike Bowditch Mysteries) by Paul Doiron

The Bone Orchard

Reviewed by Caryn St. Clair

While Mike Bowditch is more contented working as a fishing guide than he has been in years, every so often something comes along that makes him second guess his choice to leave the his former position as a game warden. It’s the little encounters that cause him to look back-like the two guys he runs across camping illegally on the island while out with a boat full of clients. What he wants to do is nail their sorry selves, but with his clients on board, the most he can do is call the current game warden and report them. While it is irksome to not be able to take the campers on first hand, it is beyond frustrating to be reminded that he is no longer in the service and the current game warden will get to the campers when and if he has time. Still in all, he’s content with his choice to leave his job. However, when his former partner, Kathy Frost, shoots a veteran in a “suicide by cop” situation and is later attacked in her own home as a result, Bowditch cannot stay away.

Judgment: A Cassidy & Spenser Thriller (Cassidy & Spenser Thrillers) by Carey Baldwin

Judgment: A Cassidy & Spenser Thriller

Reviewed by Inishowen Cailín

Forensic psychiatrist Dr. Caitlin Cassidy and FBI profiler, Special Agent Atticus Spenser, are called in to testify, one for the defense and one for the prosecution, after a university student is murdered. But things turn deadly at the court house when the chief suspect is attacked, his lawyer is murdered and Caitlin is shot. As a psychiatrist Caitlin is privy to all kinds of information about the accused which puts her in the sights of a murderer. Spenser is determined to keep a protective eye on her. When another attack leads to the suspect’s death and another attempt is made on Caitlin’s life the pair must put aside their rivalry in the courtroom and work together to find the real killer before it is too late.

A GOD FOR ALL SEASONS: Inspiration and Reflection for All Times by Patti Tingen

A God for All Seasons

Reviewed by Jane Squires

A powerful book to inspire one to grow in God. I recommend you read it as Spirit directs. He knows what day you need to read each season.

Our lives change as we grow from babies to adults. And each season brings new struggles and battles but God is in all of them. When circumstances are difficult, fall down before God in worship. One has nothing when we come into this world and nothing when we leave.