Burn Zones

Burn Zones: Playing Life’s Bad Hands by Jorge Newbery

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Skinshifter (Sylvan Cycle Book One) by Alycia Christine (Kindle Edition)

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The Shabby Realm

The Small Matter of the Death Cult of Katahdin (The Shabby Realm Book 1) by Lennox Brown

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The Chronicles of the Ara:  Creation

The Chronicles of Ara: Creation by Joel Eisenberg and Stephen Hillard

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Dying Wish by James Raven

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The Four Horsemen

The Four Horsemen of the Investor’s Apocalypse: The Four Evils That Will Crush Your Portfolio, and How to Fight Them

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My Best Friend and Loyal Companion

My Best Friend and Loyal Companion
by Nancy Eaton

About six months ago, I had to have my Shih Tzu euthanized. She was very ill and did not want to eat. No one wants their beloved pet to suffer. I was devastated. Today, I am still not over the hurt I feel over her loss. When I tried to More »

Blind Spots by Patrick Garry

Blind Spots

Reviewed by Douglas R. Cobb

Blind Spots by Patrick Garry is a highly entertaining and engrossing crime and courtroom drama that presents what happens from various perspectives, filling in at least a few of the “blind spots” that are often not seen nor considered by the legal system. While ostensibly the novel is primarily about the story of rent collector Milo Krantz, who works for a slumlord, the novel is also about the ethical and moral decisions that each of the other main characters face as they seek to find answers and bring Krantz to justice.

Blind Spots opens with Detective Gunther Mulvaney at his house, “absorbed in the morning newspaper.” His wife, Jessie, likes to be told about his cases, as she considers herself to be a crime buff who keeps voluminous notebooks in which she writes er theories about the cases Gunther is investigating.”

Burn Zones: Playing Life’s Bad Hands by Jorge P. Newbery

Burn Zones

Reviewed by Ronnie Alvarado

Part memoir, part inspirational story, Jorge P. Newbery’s BURN ZONES: PLAYING LIFE’S BAD HANDS is the true life tale of a modern-day Renaissance man, a self-made success who will stop at nothing to achieve his goals.

Newbery begins his telling with a short introduction informing the reader what he means by the concept of “burn zone.” It is a notion that Newbery borrows from his days of professional cycling, and refers to a period of extended, all-out effort which routinely separates the winners of a competition from those who finish behind them. It a metaphor that Newbery adopts throughout his book, using it to describe the various obstacles that he and his loved ones faced on the road to success.

Skinshifter (Sylvan Cycle Book One) by Alycia Christine (Kindle Edition)


Reviewed by Lisa Brown-Gilbert

As involved as it is vividly eloquent, Alycia Christine’s Skinshifter (Sylvan Cycle Book One), will satisfy any reader of young adult high fantasy. This multifaceted coming-of-age, YA fantasy read is fueled by engagingly twisted fantasy elements, vivid imagery, appealing characters, rousing adventure and terse storytelling. Skinshifter is the first book in this promising Sylvan Cycle series.

The story’s young protagonist Katja Escari is a truly engaging character; she is tough, brave, stalwart and a female werecat. But there is something deeply different about her that she struggles to keep hidden. It is a secret that not only endangers her, but those around her as well. When the other members of her Feliconas Clan are ruthlessly murdered by the greatly feared Asheken deadwalkers, Carrying the weight of survivorship guilt, Katja flees–determined to survive and seek vengeance.

While en route, Katja meets human, high-born Princess Lauraisha another young and resolute character who is also on the run for her life from the evil machinations of her wicked king father. The two females, although quite different in some ways, soon learn just how similar they are and what eventually develops is a friendship so deep, it is like they are sisters. After agreeing to help each other achieve their respective goals against the predominant evils in their lives, their direction is unexpectedly altered by a plea for help from a surprising source that sends them running into the adventure of a lifetime to save the Sylvans from the coming Asheken hordes. With danger at every turn, they join forces with other Sylvans in a race against time, profound magic and pure evil. Their journey is extraordinary as they encounter the denizens of the magical world they are risking life and limb to save.

I enjoyed Skinshifter. Author Alycia Christine developed an entertaining story that was well suited to the genre. Chock full of fantasy elements, moments of tense action, and populated with intriguing characters this book presents a great introduction to the series that not only deals with the coming-of-age theme well, but also approaches tolerance of cultural and physiological differences. Skinshifter was a worthwhile read and I look forward to the next in the series. This book is definitely recommended reading for Fantasy buffs.

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The Small Matter of the Death Cult of Katahdin (The Shabby Realm Book 1) by Lennox Brown

The Shabby Realm

Reviewed by Timea Barabas

If you are looking for a new fantasy series, you might want to take a closer look at The Shabby Realm by Lennox Brown. The first book, The Small Matter of the Death Cult of Katahdin transports the readers to mystical realms in British style.

This story kicks off with an unemployed PI vampire, Winston, who finally secures a job. While taking pictures of a teapot might seem pretty basic, the situation quickly degenerates and the teapot turns out to be far more precious than he thought. He also reunites with his ex wife, Maggie, who is (only) a level 2 witch. These two have an interesting and entertaining dynamic, but my favorite character was still their friend, the exotic Timir. Together they will discover the secret of the teapot and venture into mysterious lands where danger and romance awaits them. With the help of magical creatures they will overcome numerous obstacles on their journey of discovery and mostly self-discovery.

The Chronicles of Ara: Creation by Joel Eisenberg and Stephen Hillard

The Chronicles of Ara: Creation

Reviewed by Douglas R. Cobb

The Chronicles of Ara is an eight-volume epic fantasy written by Joel Eisenberg and Steven Hillard. The Chronicles of Ara: Creation contains the first two books of the series, and it is a companion piece to Hillard’s Mirkwood, A Novel About J.R.R. Tolkien, which Hillard had to go to court in a battle against the estate of J.R.R. It deals with facts and events in Tolkien’s life, in a fictionalized form.

Ara was a character in Mirkwood, and she is greatly expanded upon in The Chronicles of Ara. The Chronicles of Ara: Creation also has Tolkien as one of its major characters, along with many others, like Lewis Carroll and Alice Liddell, who Carroll was inspired by when he wrote Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass, in Book Two.

The Four Horsemen of the Investor’s Apocalypse: The Four Evils That Will Crush Your Portfolio, and How to Fight Them by Robert J. Klosterman, CFP

The Four Horsemen of the Investor's Apocalypse: The four evils that will crush your portfolio, and how to fight them

Reviewed by Douglas R. Cobb

The Four Horsemen of the Investor’s Apocalypse by Robert J. Klosterman, CFP, is a book that all investors should read and learn from, as it deals with four of the deadliest hindrances to investors finding success in their efforts to preserve wealth and maintain growth over time. The book is rightly subtitled “The Four Evils That Will Crush Your Portfolio, and How to Fight Them,” because the four hindrances that Klosterman details have often caused the best laid plans of investors to go terribly astray.

Dying Wish (Jeff Temple) by James Raven

Dying Wish by James Raven

Reviewed by Danita Dyess

In Dying Wish by James Raven, a gruesome story of sadomasochistic deaths starts to unravel quickly. Grant Mason is the author of five books about New Forest National Park — a lovely, historical forest. As he was conducting a book signing, he collapsed of a heart attack. His trusted assistant, Hilary Dyer, comforts him. But as the ambulance wails in the background, Mason is only concerned about one thing: demanding that Dyer burn down his house. Why?

Jeff Temple, a detective, learns about his dying wish. Apparently, Mason’s hideaway is a repository of pornography, hunting knives, stun guns, a camcorder and a map that identifies 15 points for 15 dead people. And Grant Mason is really Trevor Grant Mason, a sexual offender imprisoned for five years.

Blood Red by Wendy Corsi Staub

Blood Red

Reviewed by Patricia E. Reid

Rowan and Jake Mundy have left New York City and moved to the small town of Mundy’s Landing, their hometown. Mundy’s Landing is famous for its scenery as well as a string of century old unsolved murders. The Mundy children Braden and Kate are away at college. The youngest son Mick still lives at home and is in high school.

When the family moved back to Mundy’s Landing Rowan felt she was escaping from a mistake she almost made that could have ruined her marriage. Now the mistake has been brought back to haunt her in the form of a package received containing 13-burnt cookies. Such a strange gift but Rowan knew exactly what it meant.

Money to Burn by James Grippando (Review #3)

Money to Burn

Reviewed by Allen Hott

This is quite a story and encompasses several different things that most likely could occur to anyone. Marrying and losing a wife very suddenly doesn’t usually happen to most folks but this one is done in a different way, different scenery, and different circumstances. And those things combined all go to help Grippando lead into this book.

Michael Cantella is an extremely successful player on Wall Street and while on a celebratory cruise he marries his girlfriend, who is fairly new to Michael and the whole Wall Street scene but she is still a part of it. However while still on their own disjointed portion of the cruise Ivy, the wife, disappears and everything points to her having somehow fallen off the boat and drowned.

Waterloo: The History of Four Days, Three Armies, and Three Battles by Bernard Cornwell


Reviewed by Teri Davis

Two-hundred years ago in the year 1815, Napoleon was defeated at the Battle of Waterloo.

With history usually being written by the victors, this famous battle of the French against the combined forces of Prussia and Great Britain has been told from various perspectives throughout the years. Three armies with three battles over four days ended Napoleon’s rule over much of Europe. So why write another book about Waterloo?

Historical fiction writer Bernard Cornwell decided that none of these accounts truly reflected the actual battle. In his first non-fiction book, Cornwell breaks this battle down into chapters with accompanying maps detailing the placement and actions of the troops as well as artistic paintings of the events, explaining both in a readable version for the non-historians and military strategists demonstrating that sometimes the portraits painted years after the events were flawed.

Stories from the Olden Days by William P. Robertson

Stories from the Olden Days

Reviewed by Book Bug

– My Description –
When wise people talk of “The Good Old Days”, they refer to times gone by. (Anytime before 1990 is good with me. Before things went to hell.)

William Robertson recounts memories from his childhood in the 1950’s and 1960’s. William was born in 1950 in a small town in Pennsylvania. Everyone knew each other. No one was a stranger. Everyone was a friend.

William was your typical boy. He wasn’t happy unless he was getting into trouble. That is always fun, especially in “The Good Old Days.”

The Muse’s Fables: The Fondom of Ufasino Collection by Rachel Nkyete Nyambi

The Muses's Fables

Reviewed by Ronnie Alvarado

Many children are raised by the morals of fairy tales. The Brothers Grimm, Hans Christen Andersen, and Aesop all imbued their tales with lessons that stress virtues such as kindness, loyalty, and forgiveness. Rachel Nkyete Nyambi’s short collection The Muses’s Fables aims to achieve the same purpose as her fable forebears through her crafting of a handful of tales, each set in the mythical fondom (kingdom) of Ufasino, that stress the value of a specific virtue.

The Assassins by Gayle Lynds

The Assassins

Reviewed by Teri Davis

Assassins are professionals who are paid to murder others. Who are these people? Many of us demonize assassins as evil people who live isolated lives. Is that reality? Would anyone know that someone was an assassin by their appearance, their movements or their address? In the real world these people are just like you and me and surprisingly have their own code of ethics.

Judd Ryder is one of these people. He has a strange encounter. As he is walking towards his home, he sees himself leaving his house. Curiously he follows his doppelganger and actually witnesses his double’s death in a hit-and-run accident that was obviously an intended assassination. As an assassin what actions do you take when someone kills you?

The Great Plains Guide to Buffalo Bill: Forts, Fights & Other Sites by Jeff Barnes

Great Plains Guide to Buffalo Bill

Reviewed by Teri Davis

Imagine a book that explains real and present day historical tourist sites and the significance of each place in reference to one person’s life from their birth to their death recording the memorable events along the way. For the legendary, William Cody who was known as Buffalo Bill, that is exact; Jeff Barnes created in The Great Plains Guide to Buffalo Bill.

Barnes combines a well-balanced biography of Buffalo Bill filtering the legend from the facts. Additionally he uses photographs and maps as he personally visited each of these sites throughout Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado, South Dakota, Iowa, Oklahoma and Missouri. With each one, he tells the story while also giving current information such as directions, significance, costs involved, and even the hours and days when open and a listing of additional research for the reader about each place.